Health Benefits of Ginger & Its Use in COVID-19


Distinct flavor, pungent smell, and that spicy, warm feeling are just some of the reasons why we use ginger in cookies, drinks, and even our food. In addition to such versatility, the wide range of health benefits has made ginger a star ingredient in many parts of the world. For instance, people in many countries like India add ginger to tea, soup, and bread.

With the rise of natural home remedies for various diseases such as COVID-19, many are curious about ginger’s role here. While ginger cannot prevent or cure COVID-19, it offers many benefits that indirectly help patients who suffer from coronavirus. In this article, we’re about to explore the health benefits of Ginger.

Health Benefits of Ginger

1. Boosting the Immune System

You surely remember that spicy, aromatic profile of ginger the last time you had it. That’s because of an antioxidant compound called gingerol, which helps reduce inflammation and pain in the body while boosting the immune system. No wonder so many people practically live on ginger when they’re sick. 

The antimicrobial and antifungal properties of ginger help cleanse the body of infections. You can add a one or two spoons of ginger to your tea or even use ginger-flavored dressing on your salad. However, if you’re struggling with serious, chronic conditions, make sure to consult with a physician about the exact treatment plan. 

2. Preventing Cell Damage

As stated before, ginger is among the few food items containing such high antioxidants. Only certain berries and pomegranates contain more antioxidants than ginger roots. What does this have to do with coronavirus-induced cell damage?

Many diseases are associated with a destructive process known as oxidative stress. A certain number of molecules are produced during the metabolic process in the body. If those molecules or free radicals are excessively produced, oxidative stress will occur in the body.

This is where the antioxidant properties can put free radicals on hold and prevent oxidative stress from harming cells, tissues, and organs, leading to chronic inflammation. Heart attacks, arthritis, and stroke are only some of the calamities created by chronic inflammation.

3. Treating Nausea

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of ginger for controlling nausea symptoms, especially in pregnant women struggling with morning sickness. It’s also common for people to feel seasick or even nauseous after surgery. Adults and children undergoing chemotherapy also severely struggle with nausea. 

Ginger can help with all of those situations. That’s because gingerol can help the food pass easily through the body and suppress muscle spasms. That’ll relieve the stomach and prevent vomiting and nausea.

4. Killing Bacteria

You may still be a bit unsure about the health benefits of ginger. That’s fine because this one will remove your doubts. According to numerous researchers, the antibacterial properties of ginger help fight off many bacteria that cannot be killed with drugs. Ginger has immense potential in preventing and treating multiple microbial illnesses.

But that’s not the end of it. Two forms of ginger show significant benefits in maintaining oral health. By inhibiting the growth of pathogens or gum bacteria that may lead to periodontitis, ginger can help save us from gum inflammation.

5. Regulating Blood Sugar

Perhaps the most common illness of the endocrine system is diabetes (more than 90% Type-2). Having high blood sugar for extended periods is one of the core causes of diabetes. The clinical term for such a high blood sugar level is chronic hyperglycemia.

Regulating blood sugar will go a long way in saving you from the pain of chronic hyperglycemia that may cause a form of diabetes in time. In addition to reducing blood sugar levels, ginger can help you lower your A1c levels into the normal range and maintain your health (both physical & mental).

In addition to diabetes, nerve damage, kidney issues, and cardiovascular disease are just some of the problems caused by high blood sugar. Hence, whatever you do, don’t take it lightly.

6. Mitigating Menstrual Pain

Women know how menstrual pain can be painful and drain their energy. There are many over-the-counter painkillers offered specifically for menstrual pain, but ginger can also be helpful here.

Painful menstrual cycles often cause severe cramps in the abdomen and lower back. If women cannot, or won’t, take pain killers, ginger can be a reliable substitute because it is known to positively help with dysmenorrhea.

7. Reducing Cholesterol Levels

In addition to reducing blood pressure, ginger is an effective ingredient and has a positive effect on cholesterol levels. Studies demonstrate that ginger can help reduce low-density lipoproteins (LDL) in the body. LDL cholesterol is possibly the worst type of cholesterol because it can inject more fat into the arteries. That alone is a significant factor in increasing the risk of stroke and heart attack.

How To Use Ginger

Now that you’re aware of the many health benefits of ginger, you may be looking for ways to add this precious ingredient to your daily diet. Ginger alone is pretty spicy, which may not suit everyone’s taste. Fortunately, ginger lovers and new fans can have ginger in a variety of ways, including 

  • Fresh Roots: This one is the strongest and the most versatile form of ginger on the market. You can slice the root and use hot water to make ginger tea. You can also mince it into your salad and main courses, and you can even add it to your drinks. Ginger juice is a healthy midday snack!
  • Ginger Tea: As stated before, you can use fresh or ground ginger to make ginger tea. Of course, many online and offline stores sell ready-made ginger tea in different packages. It’s always better to keep a pack on hand in case you feel nauseated or want to feel a little light after eating a big meal. 
  • Ginger Gummies: Perhaps the most fun way to have ginger is to pop some gummies. They come in mild flavors, and you can take them anywhere, anytime. 

Bottom Line

In addition to being a delicious seasoning, ginger is a great ingredient to have in a healthy diet plan. Plus, you can put it in the freezer for extended periods without worrying that it might go bad. You can even use a little bit of ginger instead of other spices. What’s great is that it comes in different shapes and forms. 

Of course, you need to purchase high-quality ginger products from a recognized brand because you want to avoid harmful ingredients like corn syrup. Fortunately, at HerbsPro, we only provide top-rated products from reliable brands helping you to feel tip-top while enjoying the warm, spicy feeling of ginger. 

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