Surprising Skin Tips For Healthy Skin


No matter what you’ve heard or read, there’s no magic solution able to get rid of all skin problems. Of course, there are methods such as lasers or injectables that will impact your skin quality for extended periods, but they cost a hefty sum of money. Plus, you may not be so crazy about the idea of putting needles in your face.

Luckily, by taking a number of reasonable steps, such as taking proper skin supplements, you can still achieve a satisfactory outcome, such as a lear and soft skin along with a brighter complexion. What’s great is you can accomplish all of this without spending a fortune. While you’ve already heard of many common healthy skincare tips, some of the items on our list will surely surprise you. Let’s take a look.

1. Face Massage

If you’re reading these tips for healthy skin, there’s a good chance you have a problem with puffy eyes. Of course, the first solution for many would be to use a natural and skin-friendly eye cream, which works really well, provided you get a high-quality one. You can also use your fingers for a gentle face massage focused on the underside of your eyes.

Gently massage the orbital bone back and forth using your ring fingers. In addition to boosting blood circulation, you’ll see less of the fine lines and get rid of the puff.

2. Cool Water

It’s always recommended to rinse your skin with cool water when you need to feel refreshed, especially in the morning. Not only will you feel more vibrant, but the puff will also quickly disappear, your skin will look tighter, and you’ll be rid of any inflammation.

After you wake up, use a splash of cool water instead of warm or hot water. It’ll make you feel calmer and alert at the same time. Washing your face with hot water will make your face feel dry, lead to dehydration, and increase inflammation.  

3. A Clean Pillowcase

One of the surprising skin tips is using a clean pillowcase. Doing laundry is always a chore. But when you do, make sure to add your pillowcase because they contain so much oil, sweat, and bacteria from your skin and hair. A dirty pillowcase can undoubtedly increase the likelihood of developing acne.

It’s recommended to change the pillowcase at least once a week to prevent any problems. When using a face mask, change them as soon as needed. It’s the same concept with pillowcases.

If you want to go one step further, you can spend a little more cash and buy a silk pillowcase. The material will protect your skin against the possible penetration of contaminants. Not only will that help reduce the chance of wrinkles and creases, but your hair will also look a lot shinier the following day.

4. Dampening Skin To Increase Absorption

Since you care a lot about your skin, there’s a good chance you take skin supplements and utilize products such as skin cleansers to keep it fresh and healthy. If you don’t, you should, especially if you’re wearing makeup all day. When some use skin cleansers, gel, or soap on their face, they complain about the lack of absorption.

The problem is their skin is simply not damp enough. That’s one of the overlooked healthy skincare tips. Before applying any cleanser, it’s advisable to wash your skin with warm water to open up blood vessels and boost absorption. Make sure you use a natural skin cleanser to help unclog pores and clean out debris. 

5. Get Enough, Quality Sleep

You’ve surely heard of the benefits of a good night’s sleep. It’s one of the oldest tips for healthy and glowing skin. However, most people know about the 8 hours of sleep humans require, but less about sleeping position. That’s a surprise for many.

Pushing your face into the pillow will increase the chance of creating lines & wrinkles on your face. Therefore, we recommend you sleep mostly on your back.

6. Wash Your Hands

You may have heard during the pandemic how important it is to wash your hands. Indeed, this should be a part of your daily activities, especially if you touch your face several times a day. Of course, using low-quality gels and soap to hand wash may harm your skin in the long term. Hence, we recommend using a natural skin sanitizer to wash out the bacteria and be safe overall. 

We’re always touching doorknobs, elevator buttons, and our faces. Sure, you wash your hands in the morning and before meals, but what happens when you’re constantly touching dirty surfaces and then your face during the day? It’s always advisable to use a quality sanitizer when you need to wash your hands and don’t have immediate access to water.   

7. Reduce Stress

We know that living a “stress-free” life is a daunting task in this day and age, but we have to try anyway. Study after study has shown the significant impacts of stress or lack of sleep on the human body, including the skin. Stress is among the most common causes of multiple skin disorders, such as acne.

By triggering the hormone cortisol, our skin produces more oil, which clogs the pores and leads to breakouts. Our family, friends, and jobs are definitely important, but we also need to think about ourselves. A few minutes of self-care every day is nothing less than you deserve.

Any healthy method for stress release, from working out to meditation, will help maintain your skin health in the long term. 

8. Use Quality, Natural Products

Makeup and skincare products have become the solution for many of us looking good. There’s nothing wrong with that, provided you stay away from harmful, cheap materials. Low-quality products in contact with your follicles will likely irritate and destroy the protective layers of the skin.

Instead of utilizing powerful chemicals, it’s wiser to use natural cleansers and moisturizers with a gentler effect. It’s not just about the face, though. Using organic lotions on different body parts will help you feel fresh and smell nice throughout the day! You can cut back on many expenses, but compromising quality is not an option when using skincare products.

Taking natural skin supplements will also help boost your skin’s immunity against the unwanted effects of cheap cosmetics.

Bottom Line

You undoubtedly look great, but if you wish to still look and feel great ten or twenty years from now, you should take care of your body, including your skin. Health is truly the most prized possession of all, and we need to do our best to maintain it. These tips for healthy skin are indeed a great place to start.

Remember, the only thing worse than not caring about your skin is using harmful products. When purchasing, it’s always critical to procure them from a reliable vendor that only provides top-quality, natural solutions. Fortunately, at HerbsPro, we only offer top-rated products from reliable brands, helping you feel fresh and upbeat as ever!

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