The 4Life™ Business Plan

Start Your Own 4Life™ Business Today!

The 4Life Business Plan means there is no inventory necessary for you to hold. All products are directly shipped from the company so you do not have to worry about managing inventory and stocks. You can also sell 4Life products anywhere in the world (over 80 countries and counting!) and have the products delivered from the home country of your customer. As a distributor you can also recruit new members/distributors from around the world as your downline for an unlimited income opportunity.

With 4Life you are guaranteed of a solid and reputable company to back you up all the way. Inc. 500, one of the world’s most prestigious business publications recently ranked 4Life Research (the maker of Transfer Factor) as the 15th Fastest Growing Company!

Our Business Plan Works!

The 4Life Business Plan allows you to work at your own pace with almost zero startup cost. You can keep some stock or you can even keep zero stock and let 4Life do all the delivery work for you. You can do it full time or part time as there are no targets to meet – you set your own target!

You can start your own business by registering as a 4Life distributor immediately. Once you have registered you can start earning an income from the products you bought and also when you sell the products to your clients.

4Life rewards you when you are able to register more customers and distributors below you as you will earn a percentage from the products they bought and the new customers and distributors they recruit. Once you start to build your own business empire the rewards are endless as shown in the chart below:

Team Commissions

4Life was founded in 1998 to benefit the health and lives of people around the world. 4Life’s mission of Together, Building People through science, success, and service extends to over 50 countries, with offices in 25 countries. People join 4Life for a variety of reasons. Most join to enjoy the health benefits of exclusive 4Life Transfer Factor® products at a discounted price. Others join to earn part-time income. A select few join 4Life to build a full-time business* .


Those who desire to build a business and earn commissions on product sales may become Distributors. Distributors purchase products at wholesale prices and may receive additional discounts on products. In addition, commissions may be earned pursuant to the 4Life compensation plan (Life Rewards Plan™). A Distributor may cancel his/her Distributorship at any time and benefit from 4Life’s money-back guarantee. There is also no requirement for Distributors to purchase large quantities of inventory. They set their own schedule and determine how much time they work.

Distributors may earn income from a number of sources, including:

  1. Retail profits on products purchased for resale and which are sold to customers
  2. Commissions on the sale of 4Life products to Preferred Customers they sponsor
  3. Commissions on the sale of 4Life products by other Distributors in their downline sales organizations

How to Earn Team Commission

Every 4Life product is assigned a Life Point or LP value used to calculate distributor commissions.

To qualify as a Builder you need to purchase min 100 LP in each calendar month, You will receive 2% (from your immediate downline), 25% (2nd generation)) and 5% (3rd generation).

Most network marketing companies stop paying commissions past the fourth level. 4Life is different! Infinity Payout can pay multiple levels at each generation, beginning at the Diamond rank. The payout for each generation continues for an infinite number of levels until reaching a distributor of like or higher rank, at which time you are blocked and begin receiving the payout for the next earned generation.

Infinity Payout

4Life™ Compensation Plan

Rapid Rewards

With Rapid Rewards, you earn 25% commission on the first LP order of every new Preferred Customer you personally enroll. You also earn 12% on the first LP order of every new Preferred Customer on your second level, and 5% on the first LP order of every new Preferred Customer on your third level. Rapid Rewards is paid the very next day to your 4Life account when you’ve qualified with 100 PV in the current month.

Earn 25% on the LP of product orders placed by customers on your My4Life account—a personal website provided by 4Life upon signup.

Builder Bonus

The Builder Bonus is an incentive program that allows distributors to earn quick cash for sharing 4Life products with those they enrol in 4Life. There are three levels for the standard bonuses:

  • Level 1 – $50 bonus
  • Level 2 – $200 bonus
  • Level 3 – $800 bonus

To qualify for the $50 bonus, you must have three personally enrolled Preferred Customers or distributors on your frontline, each with at least 100 LP in Loyalty Program orders, and have 600 LP in Team Volume.

To qualify for the $200 bonus, your three personally enrolled, qualified distributors must meet the qualifications for the $50 bonus.

In order to qualify for the $800 bonus, your three personally enrolled, qualified distributors must meet the qualifications for the $200 bonus.

“This is so EASY I can’t believe that it works!” – RK, Gold International Diamond

Incentive Trips

In addition to the opportunity to earn a part-time or full-time income, world-class incentive trips to exotic locations are a key part of the recognition and rewards program at 4Life.

4Life Distributor Advantages

As a 4Life Distributor you get some of the best benefits MLM companies has to offer:

  • No minimum monthly purchase*
  • No inventory to keep (let 4Life do the storage and delivery for you)
  • Your own FREE MyShop website
  • Accept international orders and downlines!
  • Earn discounts, bonus and free products every month!!

Join Us!

As a Distributor you can purchase for your own use or your friends at wholesale price. You can also recruit new members/distributors and earn a commission from their purchases.
4Life Sponsor ID Enroller ID
There is NO fee to be a distributor and NO minimum monthly purchase*. However to be a distributor you need to register and purchase the Enrolment Kit (Compass) and you must maintain a minimum 100LP purchase every month including your first month.

Fax completed forms to 03-9212 1720 (Malaysia only). For inquiries on enrolling as a new distributor, call 1-800-819-419  or email

Worldwide Memberships

4Life accepts members from more than 80 countries worldwide. You can join by selecting your country of residence below.

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If you do not have a sponsor you can use our Invitation / Sponsor ID code: 6749148 

You can also use our Sponsor ID as your Enroller ID.
Or you can use the ID of the distributor or friend who recommended you to 4Life™ if you know his/her ID.

*Terms and Conditions of enrolment may vary according to countries.