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4Life Renuvo™ is an adaptogenics formula that supports a youthful and healthy response to daily life stressors such as poor dietary habits, lack of exercise and aging that may push your body out of balance. At the core of 4Life Renuvo™ is 4Life’s proprietary immune system support ingredient — 4Life Transfer Factor™.

In a randomized, placebo-controlled, 30-day safety and efficacy pre-clinical study conducted at the University of Missouri, Department of Biomedical Sciences (Columbia, MO), Renuvo reduced the physiological stress marker TNF-alpha, improved antioxidant capacity, and alleviated the gain in body weight in response to a high-fat, high-sugar diet.

In short, Renuvo™ focuses on bringing the natural inflammatory response under control and help increase the body’s natural defenses against physiological stress.

Primary Benefits

• Provides proper immune support
• Benefits overall body wellness
• Supports healthy aging
• Improves mental acuity
• Improves sexual vitality
• Supports whole body nourishment
• Promotes faster path to greater fitness, strength and recovery.


4Life Renuvo™ is fortified with 4Life adaptogenics blend of eleuthero root, green tea leaf, holy basil, milk thistle fruit, panax ginseng root, turmeric, resveratrol from polygonum cuspidatum root and black pepper. Regular consumption of adaptogenic botanicals helps nurture body to great vitality, healthy life and great sense of well-being.




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