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Lose weight and build muscles with PRO-TF™ protein! Every serving of 1 scoop PRO-TF™ provides 10 g of delicious vanilla cream flavored protein in powder form. Each serving also contains 300 mg 4Life Transfer Factor™ for wellness support. Protein is essential for growth and development. Protein also helps build body tissues.

Primary Benefits

Pro-TF by 4Life® is a unique protein blend designed to help revitalize your body so you can enjoy a more vibrant and more youthful life. It is the only protein supplement that is filled with 4Life Transfer Factor. With its creamy and smooth vanilla flavor, PRO-TF is a versatile and delicious way to have your daily protein intake, whatever your goals for fitness are.

PRO-TF Protein Blend’s low molecular weight has been university- and independently-tested to support increased calorie burning and metabolism, a feeling of being full, healthy fat loss, and better recovery time. Plus, 4Life Transfer Factor Pro-TF boosts your immunity system’s response.

As compared to whey protein concentrate, PRO-TF Protein Blend reduces hunger cravings for up to 3 hours (62% in a control group over competition’s -2%), stimulates fat-burning from organ fat stores for up to 3 hours (564% in a control group over competition’s 283%), and stimulates fat burning from surface/visible fat stores for up to 3 hours (203% in a control group over competition’s -29%).

Product Features

• Each serving of 1 scoop gives you 10 g of protein in powder form – the most advanced
and effective protein available to burn fat, build muscle, and transform your body.
• Each serving contains 300 mg 4Life Transfer Factor for immune support
• Increases muscle growth by 74% and stimulates fat burning by up to 464%
• Only 70 calories per serving
• Comes in delicious vanilla cream flavor
• Certified Halal by IFANCA


Mix one (1) scoop with 240 ml cold water, shake vigorously in a shaker.
Consume two (2) or more servings per day..
On exercise day : Consume one (1) or more servings, 15 – 30 minutes before exercise and consume one (1) or more servings within 30 minutes.of completing your exercise.







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